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 Always on my Mind will be out in paperback Spring/ Summer  2011 in Ireland and the UK and a little later in the Commonwealth countries. The book after that - as yet unnamed - will be out about September 2011  ....that is if I cut down chatting on Twitter and FaceBook!!! It will be available in Ireland and again through
I have an old schoolfriend who tells me I did. I don't remember that but her memory is better than mine. I do know that I always enjoyed writing, it just never occurred to me that I could make a living from it
Boredom! I had become very disillusioned in my job and started writing as a form of escapism. I wrote about a girl who takes over a restaurant because that’s something I always thought I’d love to do. It’s a matter of luck and timing that it was ever published
No, never. There may be character traits that I would use but the characters themselves are all pure fiction. If they reflect a real person then its probably me because I think there’s a part of me in all my characters
No! I actually hate doing research, I always feel it intrudes on the story. Now, I leave the research until after the book is finished and then go back and fill in the blanks. I use the internet as much as possible although if I ever do a book based in a health spa I may just go on location to do the research!
Working from home and working if and when I want to.
Working from home and working if and when I want to!

Five Quarters of The Orange, Joanne Harris
The Horse Whisperer, Nicholas Evans
Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen
On Writing, Stephen King
My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult
Gentlemen and Players, Joanne Harris
The House That Jack Built, Catherine Barry
In The Beginning, Catherine Dunne ….. I could go on and on
Anywhere, everywhere, an idea can hit at the unlikeliest of times.

Yes, in that I try to use a backdrop that I haven’t used before and give my main characters predicaments that I haven’t dealt with before but, of course, that isn’t always possible. I usually do a rough outline of the first few chapters before I begin but it nearly always turns out completely different in the end
Yes I do. Even the baddies in my books are rarely all bad as I think that’s true in life. As I write the characters come to life and grow until it feels like they are quite real so they become like family.
Its usually the one that I’ve just finished because it would always be my aim to make each book better than the last. Also,
I have great affection for the books and characters when I’m writing them, but once they’re published they become public property and I feel a little distanced from them.
Any of me heroes usually have a negative influence on me as when I read a really good book it makes me think I should just give up. Having said that, Stephen King’s book On Writing has been a great inspiration during some of my dryer periods and it’s a book that I still revisit from time to time. I am lost in admiration at the colourful prose of Joanne Harris or Nicholas Evans but I don’t try to emulate it. I see myself
I am very much a morning person but if I’m on a roll I’ll usually keep at it as long as possible. I find the faster I write, the better the story flows so I’ve learned to go with it.

Plenty. I would like to write in a different genre and I would also like to try my hand at a screenplay.

If you will like to ask me any other question, simply complete my contact form and I will put my answer up on this page....eventually!.

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